How to Choose, Store and Use SOAP UP Natural Soaps

How to Choose, Store and Use SOAP UP Natural Soaps

Finding the right bar soap is definitely easier than finding your Mr Right. The most frequent question we got in our inbox is which soap best suit your particular skin type.

With SOAP UP all natural soap bars, each of them are formulated to treat different skin issues, made with good-enough-to-eat organic oils and butters, as well as other skin-soothing herbs and plant extracts to promote healthy and clear skin. All soaps are also free from preservatives, artificial colourings, fragrances, alcohol and synthetic chemical residue.

Even though we all have different skin needs and preferences for soap bars, here is a quick guide to how to select the right SOAP UP bars according to your skin type:



Read Full Ingredients

We also recommend that your check the full ingredient list before buying so that you know if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

For full ingredient list, you can refer to the respective product pages as below:


Note on Sodium Hydroxide

The production of cold-process soap involves mixing natural oils and sodium hydroxide to saponify to become soap and glycerine. Saponification is what gives the soap the cleaning power needed whilst the cleansing quality of different plant oils may vary.

We ensure that there is no sodium hydroxide left in your bar soap in the final process since  formulas are carefully calculated with chemists and soaps are cured for at least 6-8 weeks before getting them on shelves.



Storage and Directions

Each soap bar usually lasts 4-6 weeks when used daily. When it comes to storing your soap, a foaming bag is definitely your best friend. Not only it helps to create foam, it can also drain away excess moisture and keep the soap dry and clean. Here are some tips for you to prolong the shelf life of your soap:


  • Avoid high temperature and humidity as well as direct sunlight to protect the natural ingredients and oils in cold-process soap.
  • Using the foaming bag helps prolong shelf life and create foam instead of using it directly on the skin.
  • Do not use water higher than 40 degree Celsius. Store in a cool and dry place after use.
  • Natural ingredients may still cause allergic reaction. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.



We hope you find this guide helpful! If you have any further questions about our soaps, feel free to reach us through email and whatsapp. 

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