Three Tips to Go Green in 2018!

Three Tips to Go Green in 2018!



While there are numerous ways to go green, a cleaner trolley is always the easiest thing to start with.

Here in THE CLEAN TROLLEY blog, we are going to share new and impactful ways to go green, recipes, reviews and some practical tips for choosing better products for our body, our family and the environment.

We understand that it can be quite confusing when it comes to choosing the right natural products. In this very first post, we will show you three key tips to go green with a cleaner trolley.


1. Check the Ingredients

When it comes to branding, there are all sorts of fancy claims for natural products, such as “organic”, “natural”, “non-toxic”, “free from…”, and the list just goes on. The only way to tell of the product is really true to its claim is to read the ingredient list. If the product does not have an ingredient list, do NOT buy it.

For food in general, it is best to avoid processed ones with a list of artificial dyes, enhancers, stabilisers. Although research is mixed on whether these additives can affect children’s behavior and lead to cancers and other health issues, it is still better to play safe.

Beauty-wise, it is practically impossible for us to go through all harmful synthetics, but here are some things that you should avoid, that include parabens, artificial dyes, fragrance, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/ Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and formaldehyde. For a quick guide to screen through your beauty routine, you may check its hazard level in the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Cosmetics Database that consists of over 70,000 products. 


2. Opt for Natural Alternatives

We know you love those crispy chips, sugary cookies, ice-cream and sausages. But there are still plenty of natural alternatives out there for your favorite treats. And that’s exactly what our blog want to offer you, more green options that not only taste good and perform well, but are also better for your skin, health and the environment. Remember, going green is not about comprising, it’s about exploring better stuff for a good cause.

For all DIY lovers, it is always fun to create your own natural recipes for your favourite snack. It is a great project for some fun play time with your children. And you know exactly every ingredient that goes into your bowl.


3. Less is More for Packaging

We all know that plastic package is the worst since it has a very short recycling life cycle, while glass and metal containers can be easily reused or use for gifts and storage. 

For everyday items and groceries, we love to buy our fresh stuff in the market instead of those prepackaged ones in the supermarket, as long as you bring your own bag. It is also better to buy in bulk. Plus, you can save on your wallet when getting them in bulk. This can eliminate several small containers ending up in the landfill.

When shopping in local market stores, bring your own container to carry meat, fruits, veggies, oils, nuts and more. For takeaways, servers in the deli counters and restaurants can also do the same thing. You just need to ask. 


What are your green resolutions for 2018?

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