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Extra Wide (Bubble Tea) Glass Straw Set

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Go Zero-waste with Reusable Glass Straws

無塑生活 自攜環保飲管


材料使用硼矽玻璃 (Borosilicate Glass),比傳統的鈉鈣玻璃 (Soda-lime Glass) 更抗腐蝕,更耐用耐震,更不會在溫度劇變情況下破裂。


Proudly, we offer a plastic-free alternative in an elegant glass straw, perfect for everything from juices, smoothies, teas to plain water. With higher tolerance for hot to cold temperature compared to stainless steel and bamboo straws, glass straws allow you to enjoy any ice-cold and hot beverages without burning your lips. 

Made with premium Borosilicate Glass, which compared to traditional Soda-lime Glass, more chemical resistant, shatter resistant, and thermal shock resistant.

Each set comes with one extra-wide straw, one easy-cleansing brush and one portable bag to keep everything in. Perfect Eco gift for friends and family too!

Perfect for bubble tea and thick smoothies.

產品詳情 / Product Details

物料 / Material:
硼矽玻璃 / Borosilicate Glass

總長度 / Length: 21.5 cm
管粗 / Diameter: 14 mm