Hi-stainless Platinum-coated Refill Blades

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FEATHER Hi-stainless Platinum-coated Blades (5 per pack)
日本羽毛 FEATHER 刀片 高級不銹鋼  鉑金包  5片盒裝)

  • ​國際通用安全刀片規格 適用多款安全剃刀
  • 鉑金刀刃更服貼、滑順、不刺激皮膚
  • 刀面上蠟並以蠟紙包裝
  • 能防鏽蝕 確保刀刃品質


雙邊刃單刀片 零刺激 剃得更溫和







  • Compatible with International Standard Safety Razor
  • Platinum-coated Skin-friendly Blade
  • Wrapped with Wax Paper for Easy Usage
  • Stain-protected for Lasting Quality


Gentler and Zero-irritation Shave

Made with excellent-quality hi-stainless with platinum-coated blades to minimize irritation on the skin. In contrast to some multi-blade cartridges, a double-edge safety razor moves across the skin at a gentler angle, cutting cleanly through the hairs without pulling the skin. The chance of ingrown hairs is therefore minimized and the skin experiences less irritation overall.


Produced by Feather Anzen Higesori

Origin: Made in Japan

Material:  Hi-Stainless with Platinum-coated Blades