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Natural Camphor Insect Repellent Wood

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Natural Camphor to Keep Bugs & Mold Away!
日本直送 人氣天然防蟲樟木條



Camphor wood, also known as "bug wood", is a great moisture absorber to prevent mold, odour or bacteria from growing. Its deodorizing and relaxing effect serves as highly effective insect repellent. Restfolk camphor wood is recycled out of building materials of camphor mothballs block and is hand made one by one. Made in Japan. 

With a set of 24 blocks, you can put the blocks in your shoes, drawers, wardrobes and cupboards to keep bugs and mold away. 

Block Size 木條尺寸: W 65 x D25×H15 mm
Origin 原產地: Japan
Material 材質: Camphor tree 天然樟木, Paulownia Box 桐木盒