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On-the-Go Large Cotton Napkins

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Cotton Napkins to Keep You Happy and Clean!

美國直送 天然可重用棉巾 

全天然成分  - 來自美國Creekside Kid天然棉巾以100%純棉全人手美國製造

多用途棉巾 - 天然材質,份外柔軟的棉巾紮實吸水力強,三塊特大尺寸棉巾方便使用,同時輕巧易攜,放進手袋背包也無負擔

容易清洗 耐用環保 - 使用後的棉巾可直接放進洗衣機裡用天然洗劑清洗且不必使用柔順劑,待自然風乾後即可使用。

All Natural - Made out of pure cotton flannel, these wipes are extremely absorbent, gentle and soft on the touch

Multi-functional - Comes in large size, the fabric is best for removing liquids and any impurities on the skin. You can easily stash them in your diaper bag and keep a few handy in your handbag! 

Reusable = Less Waste Machine washable and therefore reusable, everything comes clean and remains soft. These are a great beginning for your reusable product stash. One set comes with three wipes with serged edges that help your rounds last even longer.


Size 尺寸: W25 cm × L30 cm

Net Weight 凈重: 12g x 3 pieces

Origin 原產地: USA

Material 材質:  Pure Cotton Flannel