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Recycled Produce Bag Set

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Go Zero-waste with Reusable Mesh Bag

減廢生活 自攜環保蔬果袋

買新鮮蔬果也可以拒用一次性膠袋!澳洲品牌Ever Eco環保蔬果袋由再造纖維編織而成,不但可重複清洗再用,而且表面平滑易清洗,買各類蔬果、香草和散裝乾貨都無問題。



Say No to Single-use plastic produce bag. Straight from Australian Brand Ever Eco, this is your essential items for a zero waste shopping experience. Perfect for those aiming to cut down their single-use plastic consumption. 

Each Set comes with four extra large bags and one storage pouch

  • Made from recycled plastic (RPET)
  • Lightweight yet super strong transparent mesh fabric
  • Perfect for fruit, vegetables, herbs and bulk goods such as grains, nuts and pulses
  • Rinse your produce in the bag and pop straight into the fridge. Air flows through the mesh weave allowing your produce to breathe and stay fresh for longer
  • Bags pack down into the pocket-sized storage pouch with carabiner clip
  • Easily clips onto trolley or basket for easy access while shopping

尺寸 Size : 30 cm x 35 cm

材質 Material : Quality RPET