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Reusable Cup 12oz MOSS

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    實試實測多款杯款,澳洲Think Cups 絕對係咖啡茶控的最佳減塑杯!無論是外型、材質、環保可分解性、實用性和耐用程度,Think Cups都滿足您的減塑需要。材質以優質硼矽玻璃,不但耐熱耐冷,連酸性飲料也不會揮發金屬物質!耐熱程度非常高,連杯蓋都能放入微波爐加熱,也可放入洗碗碟機清洗。杯蓋和保護帶使用100%可分解食用級矽,對健康和環境也無負擔。特有弧型蓋口,只要一按就能卡實不鬆脫。最令人驚喜的是蓋上的專有唇型設計,飲用時緊貼雙唇很舒適,而且可以避免燙傷唇部,非常貼心!


    12oz 型格系共有4色: 型格灰、玫瑰紅、海洋藍和森木綠


    Think Cups are lovingly created to enhance your drinking experience. The borosilicate glass is durable and can withstand extreme changes in temperature. The food grade silicon lid and the band are insulating and lovely to hold. They are absolutely dishwasher & microwave safe. Above all Think Cups help to save our planet by reducing the amount of waste that is generated from disposable coffee cups.


    Material 材質: Borosilicate glass 硼矽玻璃, 100% Biodegradable food-grade silicon 100% 可分解食品級矽


    Size 容量: 8oz